Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member?  我如何申请成为会员?

Please create an account on the left (User Login Section) to start your application. You need to be an industry professional with China Hollywood Co-Production experience and/or a genuine interest in this area. For more instructions please refer to the Membership page.


How can I contact you?  我如何联系你们?

You can leave a message to us through the Contact page, or email us at 


How can I be kept up to date with your events? 我如何获知你们的活动信息?

Members will receive emails from us about our upcoming events. We strongly recommend you 'like' our facebook page for information Society and non-Society events, seminars etc. We also list our events on our website.


Do I need to be Chinese or American to be a member? 要成为会员,我必须是中国人或者美国人吗?

No. We welcome professionals from all over the world that are interested in the Chinese entertainment industry, to join us. 


Do I need to pay a membership fee to become a member?  要成为会员,我需要交会员费吗?

No. Membership is free. 


Are all the events China Hollywood hosts free to members? 中美合拍影视协会所有的活动对会员都免费吗?

It depends. We strive to provide our members with access to free events, but at times some may require that you pay for tickets to e.g. to a keynote speaking event, training session or special screening.