About Us

The China Hollywood Society was founded in 2011 in Los Angeles, California as a gathering point to serve the growing mutual interest in creative and business opportunities between China and Hollywood ('Hollywood' being a term chosen to represent the wider entertainment industry - not a physical geographic location).

We are a group of entertainment industry professionals dedicated to bringing China and Hollywood together. Some of us are from China - one of the oldest civilizations in the world yet one of the youngest, fastest growing and most exciting entertainment markets. Some of us are from Hollywood, the capital of entertainment on our planet, and some are from other major entertainment industry centers across the globe. The China Hollywood Society is the platform we have created to serve the increasing demand for information, education and networking opportunities. 

Our goals

The China Hollywood Society aims to create a platform for executives and filmmakers from around the world to learn about and discuss the convergence of China’s burgeoning media landscape, and for Chinese executives to learn about foreign entertainment industry. Our goals are to:


  • Provide up-to-date information and resources about key topics including developments in the Chinese film and television industry (across production, co-production, distribution etc), inward investment in China and co-production treaties
  • Help filmmakers overcome the challenges in co-production by sharing the experiences of industry veterans 
  • Supply a database of current information on co-production, resources, regulations, etc.
  • Bring people together to develop projects, pursue opportunities and share experiences
  • Help bridge the cultural gap through education and opening communication channels
  • Promote current and future co-productions and collaborations.


At its core, the China Hollywood Society strives to bring the human faces of this rising industry to light, and increase the accessibility of information on China to create more opportunities for cross-cultural creative and business endeavors.





  • 及时提供中美合拍影视项目的信息和资源
  • 通过分享行业前辈的经验,帮助电影人克服合拍中的挑战
  • 提供及时更新的合拍项目、资源、法规信息数据库
  • 建立业界关系,一起开发项目、发掘机遇、分享经验
  • 展开新的对话渠道,协助跨越文化鸿沟
  • 宣传正在拍摄中和即将开拍的合拍片项目。